Understand your animal’s thoughts; learn how they are feeling, what they need, and who they really are.

photos of animals A phone consultation with me is an opportunity to communicate directly with your animal companions by way of telepathy. You can get questions answered about their viewpoints on environment, behaviors, food, health, and how they think.  A consultation is an opportunity for you and your animal to better understand each other, creating a deeper bond or better partnership.

At the time of your appointment, we will connect on the phone and go from what is known about the situation from your viewpoint, to what the animal thinks about the situation.  While I am talking to your animal I will be quiet for a couple of minutes, during this time you can simply stay on the line.  Then, I will share with you what your animal friend has said.  There will be ample opportunity for you to ask more questions. I can tune in to your animal friends and find out issues important to them, but you asking specific questions that are important to you facilitate a consultation. Animal companions might not talk about your areas of concern unless you focus their attention on them.

Read more about how it works here.

animal photos

Note: Information on health is intended only to express the animal’s experience, not to replace veterinary diagnostic work or treatment.  Behavior changes can take time and work for everyone, consultations are intended to help you and your animals understand each other better, and while behaviors often change rapidly, results are dependent on the individuals involved.  I do not consult with animals belonging to someone other than the caller (with the exception of animals available for adoption).

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Relax Like a Cat


My cat knows how to relax. He doesn’t consider it to be a life skill- it is just life. Often people call me to communicate with their animals about a certain subject. When I communicate with my cat on a daily basis it is usually about “nothing”. I tune into him and just enjoy thinking the way he does. It is very relaxing. I am not sure I should call it “thinking”, maybe I should say I enjoy feeling the way he does. Today he was having the best moment of basking in the sun. Look at how relaxed his body got!


When you have a moment try being quiet and tuning into your relaxed animal friend. Try to feel how they feel. Imagine your body feeling like their body. I promise it will feel good!

You can check out my pet portraits here.

Cassie poodle

Have a wonderful day, Dawn


Learn Animal Communication

Update: This workshop has already happened. I only offer workshops every few years so nothing is booked yet. Follow this blog for future updates.

I have exciting news! I am teaching an animal communication workshop this summer after a four year hiatus. This will be the only opportunity to learn from me this year so sign up if you are ready to communicate with your animals in new ways.

I wanted to let you all know the big joy in our household– Mallory is not in pain anymore! I had resisted the idea of nailing metal shoes to her hoofs but the vet was encouraging and we went ahead with front shoes. She told me, “I love my shoes!” They are studded to grip the ice and she goes everywhere. I have to remind her that the donkeys can still slip so she needs to pick better paths for them (she is the leader).


I have been working on drawing a series of running horses. The sight and sound of galloping hoofs always brings me so much joy I want to share that with the world.

palamino sm

I look forward to talking with you and your animals soon!

Love, Dawn

20 Years

February 2018 was officially my 20 year anniversary as a professional animal communicator. I had been doing a few consultations here and there for 2 years before I printed my first brochure but I don’t count those years as I was still in college at the time (I graduated in February 1998 from Goddard College).

I thought about writing and celebrating my anniversary but every time the thought came to me I started remembering all of the human clients that I loved who have passed away. I knew I would lose a lot of animal clients over the years but I never expected how attached I would become to the people and how many of them would die. It is strange grieving clients because usually I don’t know their friends and families. I just quietly miss them, alone. I get to think about them with their animals in spirit which is nice.

I send love telepathically to those clients I have lost and to those of you still in body I send this blog post. Thank you for being such fantastic clients. Thank you for loving your animals.

Just a quick update on my animal family, Ton Ton (rabbit) continues to struggle with severe dental disease which is incurable but managed with medication and surgery every 5 months. You would never know it the way he hops around the house and shows great enthusiasm at meal time.

dec 18 4

The cats Henry and Owen are great. The both do a wonderful job giving love and affection and sleep enough for all of us!

dec 18 2

The equines are very happy in their huge pasture and cozy barn. Ichabod (donkey) has a chronic wound that I am try to get to heal but he is not concerned by it. Mallory (horse) has a sore hoof which is also chronic but her primary focus is on eating! She also love winter time and gets a great fuzzy coat.

dec 18 5

Burrito (mini donkey) is doing great. The one thing he hates is the rain so lucky for him he always has access to the barn.

dec 18

I continue to offer my animal communication services… onward to the next 20 years right? I also enjoy my artistic endeavors including drawing pet portraits.

Calico Cat Snuggie

Have a great day, Dawn

Pet Portraits

I think a lot about animals. Each week I consult with about 20 human clients and at least 40-50 animals. In order to connect with a new animal client I ask their person to describe them. I use their emotional link as they describe their animal to tune in to the animal. In the process I spend much of my day visualizing what an animal might look like.


I have been an artist for many years too. This year I realized the fun that can come from joining my two passions- art and animals. I started drawing pet portraits. I love to see their personalities coming through my drawings as I work. Every portrait is hand drawn using a stylus pen on the computer just as a painter would use a paintbrush.


If you are interested in commissioning a pet portrait you can check out my offerings on my artist’s website.

Have a great day, Dawn


Donkey Love

I am so fortunate to have my equines living in my backyard. I get to watch them graze from my office window (look at my amazing view!) And I can visit them throughout the day. IMG_8362

Mornings are the most fun. As soon as one of the donkeys sees me moving around in the house (they watch the windows) I hear a big bray. I rush around finishing up a few chores- trying not to feel guilty about them waiting for me! Finally I hop outside and open the gate to let them out for grazing. My Haflinger horse, Mallory, having given me a “hurry up” whiny and grumble, stomps right past me. She honestly doesn’t even look at me- when it is time to eat pleasantries are off the table.

But the donkeys… they give me the love. First the black mammoth donkey, Ichabod, walks up to me. I give him a big kiss on the nose and a rub on the forehead. Then little Burrito comes for his kiss. I scoop him under the chin and raise his head up so I can reach his nose- I still need to bend over a little. He lingers for extra rubs and sometimes asks me to snuggle his face against my chest. When I turn to leave, Ichabod occasionally requests an extra kiss. They are so sweet!


Have a great day!

Equine Music Therapy


My Haflinger friend Mallory has struggled with a sore front right hoof on and off for years. (Don’t worry, the vet is working on it and she gets good care). She is typically very happy and willing to work with people but a few months ago she did not want to give the farrier her left front leg. He needed to trim her hoof and she knew that, but each time she gave him her leg she had pain in her right hoof. She was nearly laying down to avoid the situation. She and I kept talking and she agreed to try but the pain was upsetting her.

I offered her treats, hoping that would help because she loves to eat. She took the food but it didn’t really help. Then I had a great idea- I would have her play her piano! She loves to play her toy piano, she swishes her top lip over the keys and grumbles while she does it. The solution worked like a charm. As she played the farrier finished her left hoof and she seemed to not even notice. She stood perfectly still and played her music.

She also loves to smile… Um Mallory, you have a little grass stuck in your teeth.
Also, you know me as an animal communicator but I wanted to mention that I started creating portraits of horses (and donkeys) and I am available for commissions. You can check out my work here.


Step on a crack…

The parking lot where we wait for the school bus was recently paved and lines were painted. Ichabod didn’t mind walking on the new pavement but he carefully stepped over the painted lines. I took him there daily and practiced walking across the lot, hoping he would overcome his reluctance to step on the lines. He did not. He told me that the lines looked 3D (as a deep crevice) to him and he really didn’t want to risk stepping on them.

OK Ichabod, you can keep stepping over the lines!

Here is a video of Ichabod stepping over lines. Notice with all of my weaving in and out, I did “trick” him into accidentally stepping on a line with his back hoof a few times. At the end he was so focused on my husband with the camera he stepped right on a line. He was unaware of the mistakes and does not consider it proof of the safety of stepping on lines.



Wonder what animals are thinking?

Ever wonder what your animal friend is thinking? Take a moment to find out… I know you can do it, and here are some tips to get you started.

  • Animals live in the moment. I promise that whatever they are thinking about has to do with right here and now.For example: You look out the window at your horse stomping flies and swishing her tail. She is not thinking: “These flies are worse than yesterday or good thing I get to go back to the barn in 3 hours.” She might be thinking, “Ugh flies, get me out of here!” or “Aah the sun is so warm.”
  • Animals don’t judge themselves, others, or circumstances as morally good or bad the way people do. They may think a particular situation is good or bad for them based on instinct or past experiences but not by a moral compass.For example: You come home to find poop and the floor and your dog is hanging his head. He is not thinking that he was “bad”.  He might be thinking, “When my person comes home and sees poop on the floor she gets upset and I am scared that she is going to (right now) act unpleasantly toward me.”
  • The word jealous does not apply to animals when defined this way: “Envious or resentful of the good fortune or achievements of another.” But it can apply when defined this way: “Vigilant in guarding something.” I prefer to use the words territorial or resource guarding for animals.For example: You are snuggling your cat on the couch and your dog tries to insert himself in the middle of the cuddle or chases the cat off. Your dog is not thinking, “Oh my person loves this other animal more than me.” Your dog might be thinking, “I want that too” or “This person is my source of well-being (territory) and I want this cat out of here”.

Do Animals Have Memories?

The Today Show (several weeks ago) briefly touched on a study about how animals do not have memories (and they don’t have future thoughts). As far as I can tell, from the brief reporting, the study was talking about memory in the sense of “thinking about the past”.

Savanna Guthrie mentioned how this lack of memory didn’t make sense to her because the Today Show puppy remembers tricks he had learned the day before. Here is the deal: memories and knowledge are generally thought of as two different things. Wrangler (the puppy) isn’t lying in his crate remembering yesterday’s training session. When he is asked the do the trick from the day before he also isn’t having thoughts (memories) of yesterday’s training session. He does, however, remember the trick- but he experiences it as knowledge, not as a memory. For example as you read this you know how to read, but you aren’t remembering when you were 5 and learned how to read.

Matt Lauer mentioned that his childhood dog always met him at the bus stop. He wondered how the dog could know to come at that time without a memory. The dog must have been sensitive to his own biological clock and environmental reminders (such as daylight or the mailman’s schedule) to know when to go the the bus stop. Of course the dog did not say to himself at 10 AM, “Oh I must go the the bus stop to meet Matt at 3 PM.”


My experience from asking animals about the past is that they never think about it unless something from the present moment is reminding them to recall their knowledge and experiences from the past. I do believe that animals, including dogs, absolutely have memories when they are triggered (by in the moment circumstances) but I do agree with the study that dogs don’t have memories in the sense of thinking about the past on their own.

I previously wrote about donkeys and their excellent memories. Reading that you can take the word “memory” and change it to “ability to retain knowledge”, if you want to have a new way of thinking about what I wrote above.

Rabbit Poses

My husband and I have had pet rabbits for many years now and we enjoy naming their adorable poses. When we spot a cute rabbit pose we call it out so everyone can enjoy the sight.

Coming very soon I will be sending out a newsletter with tips on how to understand animals better. This post is a fun way of illustrating the most important element of Animal Communication: Enjoying animals. Appreciating them. Being thrilled to have them in your life.

Here are a few of my favorite rabbit poses:

superman clark

Left: Superman and Right: Clark Kent

one ear

Giving an Ear- can be added to most poses. In this case another Superman.

loaf muffin

Left: Muffin and Right: Loaf (with an ear) These two poses are very similar, but the muffin is more round.


Two variations on Slope.


Kickin’ It (One leg instead of two- which would be Superman.)


Croissant (with or without assistance)


Triangulation (requires both cats to execute), in this case also a Muffin.

As always, enjoy your animals!