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I welcome new clients and I am thrilled you are here. It is important to me to be available to my returning clients so I do save out most of my appointment openings for them. If you check my calendar and find no openings it means I am fully booked for 6 weeks (I only book 6 weeks in advance). You can check back each day to catch the next opening. The good news is this- once we have our first session you will be a return client forever even if you call about different animals. Also return client appointments have lower prices.

Please note I don’t work on missing animal cases or deceased animal cases in our first session. I have found these connections are very sensitive and the sessions go better when you are directly familiar with my work.

Click the link below to be taken to my calendar. Note I am in the Eastern Time Zone of the USA (in Massachusetts)

Schedule a 40 minute session $120

More Information about what I offer:

Telepathy is a silent, mind to mind connection, using a universal language. Basically, telepathy is being able to understand what another being is thinking and feeling.

The distance between parties is irrelevant with telepathy (because it is all about the connection of the minds and spirit). I do my work over the phone so that I am able to work with people all over the country rather than house calls which would restrict my reach unnecessarily. The phone is not used for my connection with the animals but it is necessary so that I can communicate with the human. It is also not necessary for the person to be with their animal (although it can be nice and fun to see if they react while we are communicating).

I have developed my skills by communicating with thousands of animals for nearly 25 years. During that time I learned a lot about animals and how they think. I often offer my thoughts, advice, and expertise to help you resolve behavior issues with your animals, in addition to the benefits of simply communicating with them.

I have also had the opportunity to work with a holistic veterinarian on a regular basis, so I am very practiced at checking on how animals are feeling physically. Depending on the personality of the animal, I am able to tell you specific symptoms. I will not be able to diagnose or replace the job of a vet.

Animals live in the moment and will not always bring up the same subjects that you might. If you have issues or specific topics that you want to discuss with your friend, then you might need to ask these questions directly. Prepare a list of topics you want to discuss to help you get the most out of your consultation.

People sometimes wonder…

  • Do you need a photo? No, I will work off of a brief description of your animal, given at the time of our session. While I do not need a photo, if you want to send a photo you are welcome to email it to me and remind me of the photo at the beginning of our session.
  • How many animals can we communicate with? As many as time allows.
  • Do you communicate with fish, birds, or unicorns? Yes, yes, and no. (Just kidding with the unicorns.) I do communicate with all species.
  • I am skeptical, how will I know if this is real? You will know it is your animal based on the entirety of the call, when you ask genuine, open minded questions. You will know I am “real” based on the referral you received. If you are extremely skeptical I encourage you not to book a session- better in these cases to seek help from someone you trust such as a vet or animal behaviorist.
  • Do you communicate with deceased animals? Not for your first session with me. After you become an established client and are familiar with how I work I will communicate with deceased animals.
  • Can you help find my lost pet? This is not my specialty. I do a “coming home” meditation for return clients but if you are a new client I highly recommend searching for a communicator who specializes in missing animals.
  • Can I record the call? I do not offer recording services but you are welcome to record the call. (Just mention your recording at the beginning of our call please.)
  • Can my partner/friend/family listen too? Yes. Speaker phone is fine. Call conferencing is fine if you coordinate that.
  • Can we check-in on an animal I saw online/at a shelter that is up for adoption to see if they are a good fit? Yes, but in that case I will need a photo of the animal.
  • What timezone are you in? I am in the Eastern Time Zone of the USA. Please be sure to correctly calculate your time difference.
  • How do I cancel a session? You can cancel using the link in your confirmation email. Online cancellations must be made 6 hours before the appointment time or the cancellation fee will apply. I have a 24 hour cancellation policy, when cancelling by email or phone message.
  • Do you accept international clients? Yes. Canadians, I will still call you. All other countries must initiate the call or if calling is too much expense we can use Skype or Zoom (my internet is a bit unreliable so there may be some complications but usually it works out). You will need to pay with a credit card that works in the US at the time of booking. Be sure to coordinate how we are proceeding with the international session in advance (email me).
  • How does your pricing work? Your first session is 20-40 minutes for $120. Once you have had a consultation with me (even if it was a long time ago with a different animal), you are considered a return client. As a return client the prices are currently $75 for 40 minutes and $45 for 20 minutes.
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Dawn’s Animal Connection has a 24 hour cancellation policy, when cancelling by email or phone message. Missed sessions and late cancellations will not be refunded or credited. If you cancel using my online appointment scheduler (with your confirmation email link), online cancellations must be made 6 hours before the appointment time or the cancellation fee will apply. You will be considered a “no-show” 15 minutes after the start of your session.

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