Testimonials and Stories

Dear Dawn,

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your help regarding my recent talk with you about Kitten Kitty. Let me help your recall–I asked if he wanted a little actual kitten about, and you confirmed for me that he didn’t, which is what I had felt myself, but wanted to be sure. Then I asked you about his lack of coming to bed with me at night after I had inadvertently terrified him by jumping up in bed one night when I felt a bug crawling on me. He had been leaning against me and my sudden action and my yell and my frantic gestures to get the bug (spider) off me REALLY shook my gentle, emotionally fragile boy up. At the point I called you he wasn’t returning back to bed with me after even a couple of weeks of my trying to console him, and regain his trust, and I was very upset about that. You said that he knew that the bonding we did at night was very important to me (TRUE!), and to him, too, and he was trying hard to overcome his fear. You told me he asked me to be patient, it would just take a little time. Well, it was a LOT less time than anyone expected! After that phone call with you, he promptly that night returned to bed with me and has done so ever since. I think he probably just needed to hear on that powerful telepathic level that I was so sorry for scaring him, would never do so again, and really wanted to snuggle with him at night again. I was amazed he came right back to bed with me, and has done so like normal since. Your communication cure was immediate and I am SO thankful.

From M.M. in Arizona


Dear Dawn,

On July 12th I spoke with you about my 2 cats (mother, Momma and son, Punky) and how they suddenly started to fight really badly. Well, I am very happy to report to you that we are all back living as a happy family again! A few days after we spoke, my husband and I started to let them see each other and finally we opened the door up so they could actually see each other…wouldn’t you know, no screaming, puffing or whining. We are so pleased. I really have you to thank.

I seriously noticed a difference after we spoke. They knew that I was trying to work with them and they really appreciated it. I really felt like I understood them for once. Everything you communicated made so much sense to us. I can see Punky tries hard not to torment his mom like he used to and she ignores him so they can co-exist (unlike before, hence the fighting).

After listening to their comments, my husband and I changed to accommodate their needs. For instance, Momma gets more attention and play-time now and we don’t let Punky “steal the show” anymore. Josh doesn’t play “too rough” with Punky anymore. Momma said we should share our food more and we try to give her a bit more of the healthy things we eat but she doesn’t want to acknowledge she’s a kitty and can’t eat the pizza we just cooked 🙂

I am just so happy we can all live together peacefully again as a big happy family!! Thank you so much for opening our minds to their world. I look forward to making more appointments and taking one of your classes. I will absolutely hand your name out to everyone I know. You have such a great gift!!

PS. I took your advice and did some meditating with the cats around. I believe this helped them to mellow out a lot. I try to send them happy thoughts through-out the day too 😉

You’re the best, Dawn!!

From R.T. in Massachusetts


Hi, Dawn.
Just wanted to share the good news with you. Last week, our Cali had told you that she’d been trying to be less skittish, and that she wanted to know if we had noticed. We asked you to tell her yes we had, and that we’re very pleased. Well, guess what… Cali has climbed into bed with us, two nights in a row! We are so very thrilled! She’s still skittish, but she’s obviously been working on it.  Meowzi likes to climb into bed with us sometimes at bedtime, and I know Cali told you she tries to learn from Meowzi – it looks like Cali’s been taking very good notes!
As for Meowzi, the vet visit last week didn’t go too badly. She was vocal,  but did not try to bite the techs. And they even had to bring her in twice because they didn’t get the right samples. They wouldn’t let me go with her, but I was told she behaved relatively well.  Thank you so much for your help! We’ll be in touch!
– CW


Hi Dawn,
Just wanted to let you know that Cino and Jonny have been together again since you did the meditation with them appx. 2 weeks ago.  The night after the meditation I let them be together in the kitchen (which is a pretty large room).  They didn’t go into attack/fear mode.  They just froze in place watching each other.  I went into another part of the house with Frankie.  I checked on them in a while, they were just still and watching but had moved closer to each other.  I left again for a longer period of time, came back and found them in the kitchen closet on the top shelf side by side, faces nuzzled.  After that, a few times in the next several days, Cino got wigged out as Jonny approached him but we were able to get through it without separation.  In fact, I haven’t had to separate anyone since then.

Thanks so much!  You are incredible!  I’m so grateful to have you as a consultant.

Wishing you all the best,
J. G.


Dear Dawn,

It has occurred to me that while I have told everyone and his brother about the great job you did with Kelley, I have yet to tell you!  If you remember, Kelley, my Morgan mare, wouldn’t stand for me to get into the cart after being harnessed.  When you spoke to her she told you that the cart “grabbed” her and that she got scared as it seemed to be pulling her backwards and down so she had to move forward.  That was so in-line with what an observer had noticed one day when this happened.  She told me that Kelley seemed terrified and I had gotten that impression too when I tried to make her stand.  After puzzling over it for a time, I realized that the tugs of the harness were too high, making the shafts of the cart slant sharply up.  Then, when I added my weight to the cart, the harness would pull back and down.  I tried to find a new harness I could afford, but hated all that we tried (she did too!).

So, I took her old one, which had been her brother’s and was cob size actually, and rigged extensions for the tugs.  After a little talk with her to assure her that the problem was solved and that the cart wouldn’t “grab” her anymore, I tried it.  It worked.  We have had no problems since (once she remembered that we don’t canter in harness!).  I can’t thank you enough.  As I said, I have told everyone “how come” we can drive again.

Best always, Shirley


Hi Dawn:

It’s working!

Pee Wee doesn’t pee where she shouldn’t.  [I had done a consultation with Pee Wee about inappropriate peeing in the house.]  We can keep our bedroom doors open and invite the cats in and if all goes well, I’m going to buy a sofa.  (I had to throw the old one out as it had become Pee Wee’s personal potty.)  You are brilliant and our whole family is grateful.

Many thanks, Gwen

Update:  Pee Wee did have a slip-up in her behavior after several months, this can happen with animals (just like people).  Continued communication with their people usually clears up the issue quickly.


7 thoughts on “Testimonials and Stories

    1. Sorry I do not. I just work on the phone. (I will be at an artist reception – one of the artists- in Southwick MA tonight April 29 5:30 on… if you want to say hello in person).

  1. Dawn, I am looking forward to a consultation with you soon with my beloved Yorkie, Sgt. Pepper! Thank you in advance!!


  2. Hi Dawn, can you help figure out the cause of physical symptoms and issues after vets have come up with inconclusive results? Can you offer any health-related guidance such as supplements that would be helpful, or locate specific environmental or food allergies that an animal struggles with?

    1. I specialize in telling people what their animals are thinking and feeling. Sometimes animals know exactly what hurts or their symptom description helps with diagnostics but not always. I rarely find animals know what is causing their allergy. I am so sorry to hear your animal is struggling with allergies.

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