Learn Telepathy

Animal Communication Basic Workshop

June 8-9, 2019
Price: $220
Hours: 10 AM- 4 PM both days
Location: South Egremont, MA at Blue Rider Stables (rustic farm location with horses and other animals)

Send a check to Dawn Allen 690 Montgomery Road, Westfield MA 01085 for $220*and include your email address, to reserve your spot.

Animal Communication Basic Workshop Description

I learned how to communicate with animals by taking workshops.
Now you can too!

Learn to understand your animal friends on a deep emotional level.  Discover new ways to enjoy and love your animals.  This seminar will help you realize your natural ability to communicate telepathically with all creatures.  You will learn how to better understand animal companions, gaining insight into their behavior, health, and happiness.

The seminar includes specific exercises and meditations geared towards opening your senses and your heart.  Participants bring photographs of their animals; and they are our teachers (along with live animals on-site).

I highly recommend attending this workshop.  Even if you are not confident with your telepathic propensity, you will gain closeness and understanding with your animals.  Participants often report enthusiastic greetings from their animals when they return home after attending the workshop.  The animals love the fact that you try to understand them!

*The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable within 12 days of each workshop.  I am sorry, but there are no exceptions to the cancellation policy.

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