You Can Communicate- without me!

“I’ve been skeptical that animal communications are even possible. But I opened your book sort of randomly and followed directions to think positively about my Sophie, telling her in my mind how much I love her. She’s a loudly yowling kitty, sort of mad at the world but after doing this practice for just a short time, she calmed down and started purring. She’s been much more docile since then. Not totally transformed but much improved. It feels like magic!” – customer note on facebook

I love you- my clients- and certainly want to continue interpreting your animal’s thoughts and feelings for you. More than anything, I want you and your animal to have a deep, loving relationship. Over 20 years ago I studied with Penelope Smith and she suggested that we agree to a code of ethics. Part of that code is to empower people to communicate with their own animals and not to foster a feeling of dependence. For years I met that criteria by teaching workshops. Lately that hasn’t been the right path for me so I wrote my book, The Art of Meditating with Cats. While many of the meditations are cat specific, most can be used with any species.

You can purchase my book on Amazon or direct from me for a signed copy.

Have a wonderful day!

PS just a quick reminder that I have added a price reduced session for people unemployed due to covid19- or anyone struggling. You can book those sessions as a return client on my website here.

Published by Dawn Allen

I am a fiber artist. I create my own fabric designs and finished art quilts as well.

3 thoughts on “You Can Communicate- without me!

  1. Dawn – I have tried on many occasions to contact you but with no success. Could you please tell me if there is a book out there to help me learn to communicate with my dog? I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you!

    Katy Gardner 💕

    1. I am sorry you are having trouble reaching me. I can’t imagine what is going wrong because I answer all communications on my website and via email. If you are trying through facebook that can be difficult because facebook messages are undependable. You can always book sessions directly on my website too. Penelope Smith’s books are good. Take care, Dawn

  2. I had the opportunity to attend workshops several years ago and I learned that communication with animals was so much more about listening than talking. Working with you strengthened that habit and I found myself listening to animals and making comments to them about the weather, the birds,the wind, whatever we had in common at that moment. Sometimes I could get their comments which were always fun.

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