Meditating with Animals

I am working on a book combining my three passions, art, animal communication, and cats! I am anticipating a June release, still wrapping up some of the artwork and final editing.

Here is the cover draft (not quite finished):


Today I am sharing one of the meditations that you can do with any animal (not just cats).

Love Meditation
The purpose of this meditation is to tell your animal that you love them. You probably already communicate “I love you” all the time in all kinds of noisy human ways like hugs and kisses and songs and nicknames. This is something a little more quiet and subtle; your animal might appreciate it.

We all want our animals to know how much we love them. Sometimes we worry that maybe they don’t understand when we take them to the vet or clip their nails. It can be nice to offer this reassurance. Also, sending love can open us in surprising ways to receive love back.

Instructions: Close your eyes and hold your animal’s image in your mind’s eye. Feel your heart open and your love for them pour out. Be in the moment, allowing thoughts to fade away and your love for your animal to take over. After a period of time (flexible), when you are ready, gently quiet your mind and emotions. Be open to your animal’s love. Be receptive.

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Published by Dawn Allen

I am a fiber artist. I create my own fabric designs and finished art quilts as well.

6 thoughts on “Meditating with Animals

  1. This is really beautiful Dawn ! You have been a spiritual person your whole life. It seems like such a good direction for you!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hi Dawn –

    I am looking forward to this book! It is a great idea, both as an outlet for you and as a gift for the rest of us. You are like a national treasure…

    I regret so much that I didn’t get myself to Westfield to take you to lunch and have some time with you and your animals before the world changed completely. I thought about it many times, but never made it happen, and now, who knows when? I simply assume that, although the world will be a different place, we will have that chance down the road. When it becomes possible I will jump on it!

    In the meantime, may you and your family (humans and animals) stay strong and healthy.
    Lots of love –


  3. Sparky thanks you for helping his owner understand his bitting behavior was asking for food or attention to his needs.
    Especially, being a Rescue Siamese snow shoe cat from VA
    He is in a home that got him in 2012

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