20 Years

February 2018 was officially my 20 year anniversary as a professional animal communicator. I had been doing a few consultations here and there for 2 years before I printed my first brochure but I don’t count those years as I was still in college at the time (I graduated in February 1998 from Goddard College).

I thought about writing and celebrating my anniversary but every time the thought came to me I started remembering all of the human clients that I loved who have passed away. I knew I would lose a lot of animal clients over the years but I never expected how attached I would become to the people and how many of them would die. It is strange grieving clients because usually I don’t know their friends and families. I just quietly miss them, alone. I get to think about them with their animals in spirit which is nice.

I send love telepathically to those clients I have lost and to those of you still in body I send this blog post. Thank you for being such fantastic clients. Thank you for loving your animals.

Just a quick update on my animal family, Ton Ton (rabbit) continues to struggle with severe dental disease which is incurable but managed with medication and surgery every 5 months. You would never know it the way he hops around the house and shows great enthusiasm at meal time.

dec 18 4

The cats Henry and Owen are great. The both do a wonderful job giving love and affection and sleep enough for all of us!

dec 18 2

The equines are very happy in their huge pasture and cozy barn. Ichabod (donkey) has a chronic wound that I am try to get to heal but he is not concerned by it. Mallory (horse) has a sore hoof which is also chronic but her primary focus is on eating! She also love winter time and gets a great fuzzy coat.

dec 18 5

Burrito (mini donkey) is doing great. The one thing he hates is the rain so lucky for him he always has access to the barn.

dec 18

I continue to offer my animal communication services… onward to the next 20 years right? I also enjoy my artistic endeavors including drawing pet portraits.

Calico Cat Snuggie

Have a great day, Dawn

Published by Dawn Allen

I am a fiber artist. I create my own fabric designs and finished art quilts as well.

16 thoughts on “20 Years

  1. Congratulations Dawn! Thanks for all the awesome energy and love you send out in this crazy world, love you and can’t wait to see what the next 20 years brings. Judy

  2. Thank you for the updates on your animals! I love to hear about them, and I’m sure that your other clients do too!

  3. Thanks for all you do ! 🐾

    XoX Ruby ❤️

    Patricia Smith, Kiltmaker 205 Connecticut River Rd Springfield , VT 05156 802 885 KILT


  4. Thank you dawn for keeping me on your list. I will be in touch with you again when I need to. I totally believe in your work and you have helped me greatly in the past. Congrats on 20 years of helping animals and their people
    Jo-An Courtemanche

  5. Happy Anniversary Dawn!!! Palomino Puss, Apollo and I all wish your HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Puss is still with us – just turned 20!!! As you recall, he seemed to be at death’s door a year ago from some kind of cancer. Via energy work, CBD oil, Essiac Tea, Chaga, and tons of TLC he is still with us – playing and purring and being my sassy sweetheart. We are all grateful for your love and support through the years. Attached is a photo of Palomino Puss and Apollo from this past October in my cabin in the Adirondacks of New York. They LOVED my new wood stove – first time we have had heat in my off the grid, very rustic non-insulated summer cabin!!!

    in Love, Light and Laughter!!! flo


    Florence Gans, Health & Life Coach, Healing Touch, EFT, The Emotion Code

    PathMakers, LLC

    Pathways to more joyful living.

    Call 919/847-0164 today to find your next step to a better life!!!



    ** Sent through an internet cable, hardwired computer with all wireless functions turned OFF

  6. I was blessed the day a friend recommended that I contact you for whatever animal problem I was having. You have helped all of us here. And have you tried any therapeutic grade essential oils to help with your wound and hoof issues. They work wonders.

  7. Congratulations Dawn!
    May you and your clients continue to enjoy each other for years to come.
    Lydia Littlefield

  8. Congratulations on your anniversary – and thank you for sharing your gift with us! Charlie, Cocoa and I (and Marc, who you haven’t talked to, but he always listens!) would not be able to do this journey without your insight. We always feel better after talking to you and look forward to ‘working’ with you for the next 20 years! Talk soon and Happy Holidays to you and your entire family! Love to see your furry babes!

  9. I loved this! Thank you, Dawn!!



    On Mon, Dec 17, 2018 at 9:20 AM Dawn’s Animal Connection wrote:

    > Dawn Allen posted: “February 2018 was officially my 20 year anniversary as > a professional animal communicator. I had been doing a few consultations > here and there for 2 years before I printed my first brochure but I don’t > count those years as I was still in college at the ti” >

  10. Thanks for the years of help when I was so active w/ my “family ” I have two cat companions, a walker, and a scooter here at Greenleaves – 84 now – and so glad you are still there to help animal lovers!

  11. Dawn – I met you at Kripalu – before you started your business, and you have been a pleasure to know! You have been so helpful to us, with our beloveds Cindy & Tasha…Congratulations on 20 years! Love, Linda & Chuck

  12. Thanks Dawn Great newsletter and congratulations on your accomplishment and hard work. I love you, Mom

    Sent from my iPhone


  13. Congratulations, Dawn! Thank you for all the information, caring, and support you have provided to Hans and Max and Sally and me. And, now I am thinking of it, thank you from my mom and her cat Kitty. When Kitty was named Jax and was in our household, you let us know she would really prefer to be in a household with only one human (and certainly not with Max). We gave her to my mom and they are very, very happy together.

  14. Hi Dawn, So great to hear all your process and the decades of service you’ve shared. You do such beautiful work, helping so many animals and their guardians.

    I understand how grief can be so peculiar, and at this time of year, we all remember those losses. I’m glad you have such a clear connection to spirit and can still be ‘in touch’ with all those that have passed. My relationship with my mother improved 10 fold after she died. We talk much more now and there is room for more joy than ever before. Love keeps us connected no matter where our bodies are. 🙂

    Wishing you and the whole family, much love and joy in the coming year! xxx Newelle Newelle McDonald


    Reduce your stress. Call Newelle-ness!

    http://newelle-ness.com/ >

  15. Hi Dawn! Thank you so much for sending this email. I love hearing about you and your animals. I think of you so often and wish I had a little more income lately to use your services. I still take care of a few dogs that are my best friends and would love to know a little more about what they’re thinking. I’m purposely not getting any Critters of my own since my last dog died back in 2015 because I want to take care of other people’s dogs. I’m working on the idea of a one-on-one overnight dog boarding business. I’m not that great with the computer to figure out flyers excetera. Anyway thanks for keeping in touch! I hope you’re doing well! And happy New Year to you! If you know of anyone who is great at brainstorming about business ideas and who loves dogs you can send them my way! Or if someone needs help with their new puppy I especially love working with the young ones! Take good care and be well, Susan. I send people your way whenever I can!

    On Mon, Dec 17, 2018, 9:20 AM Dawn’s Animal Connection Dawn Allen posted: “February 2018 was officially my 20 year anniversary as > a professional animal communicator. I had been doing a few consultations > here and there for 2 years before I printed my first brochure but I don’t > count those years as I was still in college at the ti” >

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