Equine Music Therapy


My Haflinger friend Mallory has struggled with a sore front right hoof on and off for years. (Don’t worry, the vet is working on it and she gets good care). She is typically very happy and willing to work with people but a few months ago she did not want to give the farrier her left front leg. He needed to trim her hoof and she knew that, but each time she gave him her leg she had pain in her right hoof. She was nearly laying down to avoid the situation. She and I kept talking and she agreed to try but the pain was upsetting her.

I offered her treats, hoping that would help because she loves to eat. She took the food but it didn’t really help. Then I had a great idea- I would have her play her piano! She loves to play her toy piano, she swishes her top lip over the keys and grumbles while she does it. The solution worked like a charm. As she played the farrier finished her left hoof and she seemed to not even notice. She stood perfectly still and played her music.

She also loves to smile… Um Mallory, you have a little grass stuck in your teeth.
Also, you know me as an animal communicator but I wanted to mention that I started creating portraits of horses (and donkeys) and I am available for commissions. You can check out my work here.


Published by Dawn Allen

I am a fiber artist. I create my own fabric designs and finished art quilts as well.

12 thoughts on “Equine Music Therapy

  1. Wow brilliant idea Thank u Bernice Ps My cat Sparky not longer Bites me I learned he was demanding my attention immediately And he did not realize he was hurting Me He now tips me on the arm It took me a long time To educate him With water gun When you talked to me a year ago Explaining why cats bite It gave me hope to change his negativeness Thank you Dawn Bernice Stone Sent from my iPhone


  2. Thank you for this about Mallory. I couldn’t get on the page about the horse portraits but I have always loved your art and would love to see them. Any ideas? Misha and Phoenix are fine. Mi ‘s motto is still “It’s all about Mi.’ Phoenix is losing her hearing at 12 but still doing great in Agility. With warm hugs,Jerri

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