Wonder what animals are thinking?

Ever wonder what your animal friend is thinking? Take a moment to find out… I know you can do it, and here are some tips to get you started.

  • Animals live in the moment. I promise that whatever they are thinking about has to do with right here and now.For example: You look out the window at your horse stomping flies and swishing her tail. She is not thinking: “These flies are worse than yesterday or good thing I get to go back to the barn in 3 hours.” She might be thinking, “Ugh flies, get me out of here!” or “Aah the sun is so warm.”
  • Animals don’t judge themselves, others, or circumstances as morally good or bad the way people do. They may think a particular situation is good or bad for them based on instinct or past experiences but not by a moral compass.For example: You come home to find poop and the floor and your dog is hanging his head. He is not thinking that he was “bad”.  He might be thinking, “When my person comes home and sees poop on the floor she gets upset and I am scared that she is going to (right now) act unpleasantly toward me.”
  • The word jealous does not apply to animals when defined this way: “Envious or resentful of the good fortune or achievements of another.” But it can apply when defined this way: “Vigilant in guarding something.” I prefer to use the words territorial or resource guarding for animals.For example: You are snuggling your cat on the couch and your dog tries to insert himself in the middle of the cuddle or chases the cat off. Your dog is not thinking, “Oh my person loves this other animal more than me.” Your dog might be thinking, “I want that too” or “This person is my source of well-being (territory) and I want this cat out of here”.

Published by Dawn Allen

I am a fiber artist. I create my own fabric designs and finished art quilts as well.

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