Cats Do What They Want

You know that fun icebreaker question when you ask someone which superhero power they would most like to have? I never really settled on an answer until I thought a bit outside the box, then it came to me. The perfect superhero power would be the ability to make cats do what I want! A girl can dream a little right? How about if I could just control where they pee? That would make a lot of my clients happy!

Free will is what makes this whole world fun and scary at the same time. Scary when you start believing that your happiness and survival depend on other people and animals doing what you want, and super fun when you can enjoy the ride and see what delightful surprises in are store. I do a little of both.

I sometimes wonder if cats are in our lives to help us remember that we are not in control of others. They teach us so much right?

My cat, Owen, doles out little lessons each day. One of his favorite teachings is called, “My Chair, Not Yours”. I have a stand-up desk at work, so when I bring up client files and make notes I stand up. Then while consulting I sit down. Basically I stand then sit at least 15 times each morning. Almost every time I stand, Owen slips in and curls up on my chair. He has his own couch, but of course my chair is more desirable (and warm). One morning I moved him 8 times. “How annoying”, he said! Sometimes I just give up and work standing up.

When Owen decides he wants to sit somewhere, very little can deter him. Even a too small box will not stand in his way.

A wonderful client wrote to me, “… that you have a similar Tuxedo boy is heartening… if a pet communicator and lover of animals is subject to the whims of her kitty then it is not isolated to me.” I love this note! So true, we are on the same ride because communication and control are not synonymous. I understand what animals are thinking and feeling. Often in the process of understanding, solutions to various issues can be found, however that does not mean that my cat does whatever I want.

I find that loving and appreciating my animals is one of the most enriching aspects of life. I am so thrilled that I can’t control them, because if I could, I wouldn’t be surprised by donkey brays, and bunny snuggles, and cat purrs.

Owen carefully laid next to the dominoes, staring at us and tempting fate, then slowly lowered himself on top of the tower as dominoes crashed around him.

Published by Dawn Allen

I am a fiber artist. I create my own fabric designs and finished art quilts as well.

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