Mallory Models


My new children’s book, Animal Fairy Magic, co-written by my daughter Hannah, was just released last week. We had a book launching party on Saturday which was amazingly fun. All of my animals are in the book, and Mallory is the co-star (along with Hannah).


For the party I braided ribbons into Mallory’s mane. (Ichabod watched me intently and insisted on having his own ribbon. I gave him a blue bow in his forelock.)  Then, each kid at the party had a chance to model on Mallory- recreating the book cover. Mallory was very patient and looked beautiful. She had fun offering her “smile” trick for the camera!


Of course Mallory loves performing so she also played her toy piano for the crowd. (I really must get a proper video of that for you.) She has enhanced her “style” and it is so cute! Ichabod is also learning the piano and he played a few notes too.

The fairy models had such a fun time playing together and signing books.



I read one of the chapters to the crowd, “Owen Gets Painted”.


If you want to see a preview of the book it is on Amazon, and it is on sale too.


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I am a fiber artist. I create my own fabric designs and finished art quilts as well.

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