My Wild Backyard

We have a wild backyard! I wish I had a photo of everyone who has stopped by, but some pass through so quickly we never get a chance to snap the photo. Some of the more interesting visitors I have seen but not yet photographed are; coyotes, moose, bobcats, and blue heron. We also have the usual chipmunks, snakes, mice, and many varieties of birds including blue birds and goldfinch.

So here it is, my wild backyard… (This is the real deal people, many of the photos were taken from inside the house through the windows; because just because I can communicate with animals does not make standing next to wild bears a good idea!)










10 comments on “My Wild Backyard

  1. The bunny looks a bit perturbed…or busted doing something!

  2. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures you post when you write these bits of news!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us. We have a family of bears (mama and 3 cubs) that have visited our deck three times this summer. Quite the experience!

  4. Wild turkeys are such a treat, and I see there is a bear! what a blessing to live out among the wild community. We have a heron who visits here every week or two and enjoy seeing this ‘grandfather’ of birds unfold his legs and wings while looking over the pond.

  5. Not hard to believe at all. I have had the same collection of visitors at my home many times.!! In addition to bears coyotes,rabbits, herons, deer, we have red tailed hawks, mountain lions, eagles, moose and many more

  6. it all looked very peaceful to me.. and wonderful. thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Dawn

    Can I ask you how you did this? it looks like you created a blog post then send it as a newsletter… I like it very much and mostly liked the fact that people could interact.. thanks for your help!!


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    Mind Body Fitness & Wellness Coach


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    • This is just a normal wordpress blog. People can “follow” the blog and the post goes to their email. You can’t sign someone up for the blog- they need to sign themselves up. Sometimes I send a newsletter via Constant Contact with a link to recent blog posts.

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