Walking to the Bus Stop

My daughter started kindergarten this year and we have come up with a very fun way of getting to the bus stop. The spot where we meet the bus is a 1/4 mile away but we don’t have to go on any roads. We can walk through our horse pasture, duck under the fence, and emerge at the bus stop. Of course traveling with animals is more fun, so we bring the donkey and pony with us. Mallory (the pony) enjoys the walk very much- I bring her on a lead rope and Burrito follows along behind us. One day we decided not to bring the animals because they were still eating their hay. They were both very upset. They stood at the gate watching us walk away without them. Mallory whinnied for us four times. I promised we would not leave without them again.

to the busstop

Below are a series of photos documenting our journey to the bus stop on October 4th. It was a foggy morning with lots of dew, but by the time we got to the bus stop, the blue sky was visible. There were lots of spider webs covered in dew.

First we greet the pony (and donkey).

Pony behind Cobweb

Then we make our way across the field (usually I am in the middle leading the pony, but someone had to take the photo!)

Kids with Donkey and Pony

We stop to enjoy nature.


Across the stream on our homemade bridge.


Finally we are almost there! Just duck under the fence and past the church to the parking lot.

Bus Stop

Looking back we can see our house tucked in behind the trees. Hannah and I will head back after Sierra gets on the bus. The donkey and pony will stay behind and spend some time grazing.

Mountain view

Published by Dawn Allen

I am a fiber artist. I create my own fabric designs and finished art quilts as well.

4 thoughts on “Walking to the Bus Stop

  1. Lovely post, beautiful children, adorable hoof-folks and the scenery? What a rush of nostalgia I felt seeing those mountains.

  2. A friend of mine shared your blog with me. Lovely. I love to think of what your girls will think when they’re older, “Doesn’t everyone take the horse to the bus stop with them?!” I also blog–www.everydayoutside.com about my journey to get outside every day for at least 30 minutes. I take my kids with me too!

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