Bramley’s Eulogy

I brought Bramley home when he was just a baby. I wanted him to bond with me and feel comfortable in our home, so I paid constant attention to him. I literally pet and hugged him every 45 minutes all day for weeks. I remember the first time he licked me- right on the nose. It was so surprising and cute!  Eventually licking became his signature affection/obsession. He was so friendly- as soon as anyone showed him affection, he would lick them. Only a month before his passing he licked his vet when the vet took a moment to pet him during an exam. Bramley knew how to make everyone feel special, and it was so genuine- he really loved people.

Throughout his life he was magnetic- charismatic- impressive. Without exception, everyone who met him was in awe. We had a door to door vacuum salesman forget his job and play with Bramley- he sent photos on his cell phone to his wife! At the time this attention was often attributed to his gigantic size, but the day he left his body I realized that it was all about the spirit that was shining through that magnificent physical form.  His vet was out of town the day he needed help out of his body. We went to a new clinic, and each person who saw him reacted just as people always had- tremendous admiration. His spirit shined so bright they barely noticed his emaciated body- they just saw the beauty that we had always seen.  Then, when he left his body I watched as his face changed. His body just looked like a rabbit- no longer so charismatic and amazing. I felt so much relief when I saw that because it was confirmation that who I loved all these years was Bramley’s spirit- not the body. (It would have been so hard to bury him if his face hadn’t changed.)

It is feels impossible to quantify how much Bramley gave to our family. He loved our daughters and took an active role in raising them since they were babies. He loved our kittens and cuddled with them often- creating photos that have delighted thousands. He assisted my animal communication workshops. He laid on my chest and cuddled me every evening. He snuggled Tim. He would get excited when he heard fruit and vegetables being chopped on the cutting board. He wrote a book, Bramley’s Little Sister.

Bramley’s personality was so simple and obvious. Telepathy with him was only a bonus- everyone could easily interpret his thoughts through his actions. His wisdom was in his love and generosity. I have always enjoyed sharing photos of Bramley, because so much of what he had to offer can transcend even the two dimensional limitations of a photo.

Even knowing his spirit lives on, even enjoying my memories, even looking at the photos… cannot take away the painful feeling that he is not here physically anymore.  I talk with clients so often about losses like this, I have been in this place many times myself, and each time I think I can’t possibly have another animal in my life that I could love as much- and then I do.  I will always love Bramley- and right now it hurts to lose his furry body, however we know he lives on in spirit and memory.

Published by Dawn Allen

I am a fiber artist. I create my own fabric designs and finished art quilts as well.

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