The Many Gifts of May

In December 1997 I was graduating from college and preparing to move from my family home into my own apartment.  I was setting up my animal communication practice and looking forward to new adventures.  We had three cats and a rabbit at my family home but none of them were available to come live with me.  I started hoping for a cat friend.

Several weeks later a six-month old gray kitten followed our neighbors and their Golden Retriever into my father’s workshop during a snowstorm.  As soon as I met her I was in love.  She told me that her name was May.

The two of us were fast friends and we moved together into a small apartment with my friend and her Chihuahua.  May could not have been happier.  She loves dogs!  Several months later one of my clients had a pregnant cat, the kittens were born on July 19th 1998 .  At four weeks old, May and I agreed on a kitten- Nikita, but waited until he was eight weeks old before he came home to live with us.  A few months later on November 1, 1998 I met my husband, Tim.  The four of us became a family.

Over the years we all welcomed a few new family members, and had a few losses along the way as well. The four of us remained a unit until May 4, 2009.  That is the day we said farewell to May in her physical form.  She has been by my side for all of my “grown-up” life; my business, my marriage, raising children, everything.  I don’t think I can explain how much I appreciate her, and love her in spirit, and yet miss her so much here in the physical realm.

One week before May died she told me that she was ill and dying.  For two days it felt inevitable and surreal at the same time, she didn’t really look that bad (and she was only 12).  I decided I needed to know why- medically- she was dying so I took her to her vet.  Dr Phillips confirmed the situation and told me that May’s heart was failing.  There was nothing to be done, and May had already told me that.  We went home together hoping to have a few good weeks.  We only had two days, and May couldn’t breathe, so we took her to the vet to help her leave her body.  She felt tremendous relief and peace upon leaving her body.

May was a partner in my animal communication practice, she gave input on consultations sometimes, and was almost always on my lap or desk during work.  She was teacher to those who attended my workshops, she often taught one or two of the connecting with an animal segments.  She was a friend to Bramley and Nikita, a quiet observer of my children, a companion to my husband and I, and she gave me a big warm hug every night before bed.  I have so many photos of her and I wish I had more.  I have many memories of her and still wish for more.

Our first photo together in January 1998.

May loved Tim.  She also loved Bramley, and gave him a gentle forehead bump as a greeting everyday.

As the co-founder of Dawn’s Animal Connection, May often slept on the job.

Nikita grieved for May for several weeks, but has recovered and is starting to befriend the kittens.

It took May almost a year to fully accept Sierra, but eventually they became very good friends.  Sierra’s gentle ways and appreciation for May brought them together.  The morning that we took May to the vet, we told Sierra that it was time for May to leave her body.  As we bustled around trying to get ready, Sierra sang Twinkle Twinkle to sooth May.  I happened to catch the moment on video (click here to see this video).

Photo on Right: Sierra age 1 with May.

After Hannah was born my lap was in high demand.  Here you can see May was making the best of it.

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