Naming Kittens

We spent several weeks calling the new kittens “Black” and “Gray” because none of us could come up with the right names.  Then “Black” got into serious trouble with me.

At the time my baby, Hannah, was only two months old and needed to nurse often.  Black would harass Hannah while she was nursing to the point where I had to lock him in a room during every feeding (1/2 of the day!).  It became very frustrating and upsetting for all of us.  I tried every way I knew to explain things to him and he would not listen. Finally one day I lost my temper and told him that I wasn’t committed to keeping him and if he couldn’t behave better I would send him back and only keep his brother.  He was shocked and immediately changed the behavior for twenty-hours.

That night I was talking to someone on the phone after my girls were in bed and I said that if I kept the black kitten, he would be my fifth pet.  He was listening.

The next morning my two-year-old, Sierra, was playing hide and seek and calling, “Number Five, where is you?”  I thought she was talking to a stuffed animal  but when “Black” came around the corner she exclaimed, “Number Five there you is!”

Sierra is a natural with the animal communication and it was clear that Number Five had giving himself a name and communicated it to my daughter.  It is a name with staying power (the power to stay and remain the fifth pet).

Since then Number Five has been trying and with the help of neutering and homeopathy, his behavior is dramatically better.  We love him and I let him know I was very sorry for what I said.

“Gray” still needed a name.  One day my husband, Tim, walked past him and said, “Hey casual Calvin.”  We all agreed it is a very nice name and suits him well, so welcome Calvin!

Bramley continues to be madly in love with Number Five and Calvin.  They cuddle on the couch every afternoon and I could not resist including photos of the love.

Published by Dawn Allen

I am a fiber artist. I create my own fabric designs and finished art quilts as well.

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