Bramley and Everyday Communication

People often ask me what it is like living with my animals when I can “hear” them all the time.  For the most part it is really the same for me as it is for “non” telepathic people (really, we are all telepathic).  My cats and rabbit don’t chat, they live in the moment, mostly content and enjoying the day, occasionally making a request or comment.  Every once in a while my cat Nikita says something a little unexpected; like the other day when he asked me to “call his vet”.  He wasn’t feeling well with a belly ache and he stood next to me while I dialed the phone.  She wasn’t there so I left a message.  He was frustrated about having to wait and said, “that’s it, I’m annoyed, I am going outside.”  (He still loves his vet – he was glad once we got a hold of her).

Although they don’t “chat”, I really enjoy watching the animals interacting with each other and my family, and the sweet moments and side comments that I am privileged enough to witness.  Here are some typical thoughts in Bramley’s day.

First thing he says to Tim every morning, “Good morning, I am ready for breakfast.”  Sometimes Tim leaves for work in a hurry before feeding Bramley and I hear, “Oh no!  What about my breakfast?” (of course I feed him right away.)

After a little nap he comes into the living room and says, “what is this toy doing here!”.  If it is made with wood or soft plastic he chews it, if it is a book he just nibbles, and other toys he tosses out of his way.  He likes order, especially on the couch, he says, “this must stay clear (and tosses everything to the floor)”.

Sometimes he visits with Sierra and asks, “do you have any treats for me”.  She always understands and comes into the kitchen asking for food.  Often I assume she wants it for herself, only to look up and see Bramley waiting expectantly.  She loves feeding him and he loves to eat!  One day she “fed” him the TV remote, so now it is missing a few buttons (I caught her giggling as he munched away, the remote lovingly resting in her palms.)

Whenever possible he cuddles; with a cat, me, Tim, Sierra, or even a stuffed animal.  He hops over, snuggles up, and says, “I need some love.”  In the evening he gets very desperate for love and tells us, “I haven’t gotten enough cuddling.”

Finally it is the end of the night and he does a little dance of celebration, because it is time for “snackpacks” (a big bag of vegetables)!  We go to bed and he stays up eating.  After a while he adjourns to the couch for the night and waits for breakfast.

Published by Dawn Allen

I am a fiber artist. I create my own fabric designs and finished art quilts as well.

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