What color is your living room?

My baby bunny is growing up.  Bramley is 10 months and 16 lbs, with giant ears and a fluffy white cotton tail.  His favorite activities are cuddling, licking my face or hands (a sign of affection), sleeping and of course – eating!

In early January he seemed to lose his sparkly personality; he was sleeping more and skipping his dances of joy.  In the mornings he no longer did wild runs back and forth on the couch, and his leaps in the air became smaller.  I tried to understand what was wrong, but he didn’t have an explanation—he just didn’t feel as happy.  We doubled our cuddle time.  Every night I lay on the couch and he snuggled up in my arms (under a quilt) for at least an hour.  He really enjoyed our time together but it didn’t bring back his dances.

Then Bramley started complaining about not feeling well.  He didn’t have many specific symptoms, but we discovered that he had parasites.  He was treated for that and given a homeopathic remedy.  He became a bit more animated and said he felt much better, but he still wasn’t quite himself.

In early February, I decided to paint my living room.  I choose a color “pear green”, which is very bright and happy.  My husband and I painted the trim and fireplace white, and the walls green, having an overall effect of a much brighter room.  I love redecorating, so I have painted many of the rooms in our house over the past few years.  The animals have never commented on the colors.  The cats specifically don’t care (yes cats can see colors.)

Bramley was doing crazy happy acrobatics the next day!  He loved the new color.  He couldn’t believe his great fortune of having a green room.  I realized that his food is green; his natural environment (in the summer) is green, so of course he would love it!  For weeks he has continued to practice his racing moves on the couch and do his cheerful ear flips in the morning.  He has slowed down a little bit since getting used to the new color, but he is in for a pleasant surprise because now we are painting the hallway and foyer green too.

Published by Dawn Allen

I am a fiber artist. I create my own fabric designs and finished art quilts as well.

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