Hit by a Car (and survived)

One day in October I was beginning a morning of phone consultations, when Nikita (the orange cat), walked in and went to bed on the office sofa.  I was on the phone, but glanced over at him just to say hi.  He matter-of-factly said, “I have been hit by a car”.  I was stunned, he looked perfectly healthy!

After the consultation I went to examine him.  One claw on each back foot had been broken off completely.  The stumps were bloody and terribly painful.  Still I thought maybe I was imagining the message about the car.  I called his vet and she said it made sense that those injuries could be from getting hit by a car.  She treated him with a homeopathic remedy and he began to feel better instantly.

I found it hard to believe; we live on a very quite cul-de-sac and wouldn’t he have more injuries?  I checked his head and found some road rash with bits of gravel, so I concluded that he had indeed had some incident on the road.

I suspected a particular teenager that likes to cruise our street (because Nikita said it happened late at night.)  I asked another communicator for a description of the car, and she described the same color vehicle and loud music.  However, I know this teenager drives slowly and seemingly careful.  I gave Nikita a lecture about staying out of the street and away from cars.

When I first got Nikita as a kitten I began with a goal of having him as an indoor cat, but he becomes destructive and violent if kept in.  He says he would rather live 2 years outdoors than 15 years indoors.  Communicating with our animals sometimes means compromising or even giving in to their ideas.  Nikita reminds me frequently that he does not have a “boss”, “I am an equal peer”, he says, “I am an adult”.

I am grateful that my “adult” Nikita survived the car incident with minor injuries.  Today he is well; one of the claws is still raw but slowly growing back.

Published by Dawn Allen

I am a fiber artist. I create my own fabric designs and finished art quilts as well.

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