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“I don’t use litterboxes”

When Arthur, the French Lop, lived with his foster family he was very good about using a litter box.  Upon arriving at our house, he was going everywhere but the box.  I soon discovered part of the issue; we used hay in our litter boxes and he thought that made a really nice bed.  He […]

Bunny Love

We adopted Clyde , the rabbit, in October of 2002 and he is a fabulous contributor to the household.  He constantly wants company, love, and of course food!  Even though I work from home, he often felt lonely and pleaded for more petting.  The cats gave him occasional head-butts, but Clyde always wanted more.  He […]

Hit by a Car (and survived)

One day in October I was beginning a morning of phone consultations, when Nikita (the orange cat), walked in and went to bed on the office sofa.  I was on the phone, but glanced over at him just to say hi.  He matter-of-factly said, “I have been hit by a car”.  I was stunned, he […]