Meditating with Animals

Animals respond to centered calm peaceful energy.  Meditating with your animals not only helps you relax and feel good; it also really helps your animals.  Animals and people sometimes have misunderstandings about behaviors because of the emotions involved.  For example: several cats have told me that they scratch the furniture when the people aren’t looking because they want to spare their people from the stress that they experience when they see the cat scratching.  This is sweet of the cat, but she obviously does not understand the person’s true feelings.  In such a circumstance it is important to show the cat that it is not the act of scratching that upsets you, but the place where they are scratching.  To do that you can meditate on the topic and visualize the desired results.

I have often seen misunderstandings arise when a new animal joins the family.  The humans often panic if their animals fight, and sometimes react with quick movements, yelling or even punishment.  The energy and emotional tone of the reaction actually matches the energy of fighting.  This only leads to more stress and discord.  When my animals fight, if I have the proper mindset, I sit quietly and meditate.  I try to understand the deeper issue of the conflict and visualize peace.  I find it more effective than punishment.  (Of course if there is danger of physical harm then you need to end the fight first.)

To meditate with your animal, you do not need them to be physically present.  Simply sit and be quiet, evoking their image, love and well-being.  After a few sessions you might find they join you physically.  I notice that my animals bring me a lot of comfort and good advice.  They all have so much to offer if we listen.  Enjoy the animals around you, give them hugs and try to match your energy to your desired results in life.

Published by Dawn Allen

I am a fiber artist. I create my own fabric designs and finished art quilts as well.

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