Understanding Behavior. Humans and Unconscious Telepathy

Sitting in a soft pile of alfalfa hay I gaze at five llamas, as Rob and Alice stand nearby. The communication session this morning reminds me of how many lessons animals have to offer us. The llamas are so observant of human energy and thoughts, it is an amazing learning to simply notice their reactions to our movements. Alice reaches for her camera and points it at the llamas. A couple of them quickly move away in opposite directions.
“Why do they move as soon as I try to take their picture?”, she asks.

I close my eyes and connect with Ebony, one of the male llamas that moved away. He describes the ” situation” to me. First he presents an image of Alice calm and still, her energy contained. Then as she picks up the camera and aims it, energy floods towards the llamas, at the same time Ebony receives a telepathic message, “I’m going to capture you”.

I find this small incident fascinating! Ebony is showing us how humans tend to flow energy and thoughts unconsciously, and that animals are picking up on our communications even if we are unaware of what we are saying. This situation also emphasizes the fact that “odd” animal behaviors are often based on human actions, even if we are unaware of our influence.

Similar situations are common with pets and their people. Often our thoughts and feelings do not match our verbal statements. Animals challenge us to seek purity, honesty and consistency in our lives.

Published by Dawn Allen

I am a fiber artist. I create my own fabric designs and finished art quilts as well.

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